The S.I.T.E. (Surprising Intersections of Theatre in Evanston) Festival is a partnership between Northwestern University, the City of Evanston, Temperance Beer Co., and the Evanston Wilmette Community Golf Course. Scheduled to take place May 23 through June 7, the festival includes three exciting productions in non-traditional theatre spaces that directly engage with the Evanston community.

Plays  in the Festival include Far Away by Caryl Churchill, American Dead by Brett Neveu, and Thou Proud Dream conceived and adapted by Damon Krometis and written by Jenni Lamb.

“We have an ongoing and growing commitment to looking at the relationship between education art and our community. Doing site-based theater work in our community is a way to build relationships outside of our program and beyond the walls and boundaries of our campus. It’s also a way to make a different sort of invitation – instead of asking people to come through our doors and see what we have made here, we’re asking people to engage with us around our art making and invite us into their spaces. A real hope is to expand on existing relationships and build new ones, so our students and our program are more deeply rooted in the community where we all reside.” – Michael Rohd, Faculty Mentor.


Joel Solari, Marketing and Communications Manager